The bg built-in resumes a job in the background.


  • bg [job…]


The bg built-in sends the SIGCONT signal to the specified job. As a result, the job is resumed in the background (if it has been suspended).

The name of the job is printed when the job is resumed.

The built-in can be used only when job control is enabled.



The job ID of the job to be resumed.

More than one job can be specified at a time. The current job is resumed if none is specified.

The percent sign (%) at the beginning of a job ID can be omitted if the shell is not in the POSIXly-correct mode.

Exit status

The exit status of the bg built-in is zero unless there is any error.


The bg built-in is a mandatory built-in.

The POSIX standard provides that the built-in shall have no effect when the job is already running. The bg built-in of yash, however, always sends the SIGCONT signal to the job.