1. Introduction

  2. Invocation

  3. Syntax

  4. Parameters and variables

  5. Word expansions

  6. Pattern matching notation

  7. Redirection

  8. Command execution

  9. Interactive mode

  10. Job control

  11. Built-in commands

  12. Line-editing

  13. POSIXly-correct mode

  14. Frequently asked questions and troubleshooting

  15. Formal definition of command syntax


Parenthesized letters indicate the types of built-in commands: (S) for special, (M) mandatory, (L) elective, and (X) extension. Substitutive built-ins are not marked.

All built-ins in alphabetic order

Categorized list of built-ins

Execution control commands

Command execution environment

Job control and signalling

Parameters and variables

Working directory


Command history

Printing strings